A Brief History of the Church in Hamilton


The Church in Hamilton is a new branch from the Church in Franklin, starting from August 2008.  Since the 1990s, small number of saints lived in Lawrence and nearby towns.  Gospel began to spread in this area from 1997 to 2001, and the number of saints increased significantly.  Saints pursued the Word, loved one another, opened homes, and every one functioned.  In the following years, more home meetings were raised up, and many saints were perfected to serve.  In 2006, the Hamilton (Lawrence) district were propagated to have separate Lord's Table in the Franklin meeting hall after thorough fellowship.  Starting from March 11th, 2007, the district meeting moved to a rented facility at Quakerbridge Learning Center in Lawrence.  After one and half years there, the facility cannot accommodate the increased needs, and the meeting moved to Lawrence Middle School.  By August 7th, 2008, the Church in Hamilton was incorporated.  Currently, the Church in Hamilton has about 150 saints in Lord's Day meeting, along with about 50 children.  In June 2010, the Church in Hamilton purchased the current meeting hall located in 92 Youngs Road, Hamilton.  In April, 2012, the Church secured the variance.  From the purchase and public hearing, the Church in Hamilton experienced the Grace of God.  The remodeling of the meeting hall also brought in the support of the Body of Christ, the prayers, and the offerings of the saints.  At the beginning of 2013, the Church had a ground breaking prayer meeting with the support of the churches in New Jersey.  Saints continued the 120 days watchful prayer for the project, and by September 19, 2013, the Church in Hamilton obtained the Certificate of Occupancy.  A new chapter opens up for the Church in Hamilton.




汉米尔顿召会是于2008年8月从富兰克林召会扩展出来。1990年代,少数圣徒居住在劳伦斯附近的市镇。福音在1997年至2001年在附近的市镇有快速的传扬,圣徒人数大为扩增。圣徒们追求主话,彼此相爱,家家打开,人人尽功用。随后的几年,扩排扩区,许多圣徒受成全被主兴起来成为服事者。2006年,经过交通,汉米尔顿(劳伦斯)区在富兰克林会所开始分区擘饼,主日聚会约有40位成人。2007年3月11日,汉米尔顿(劳伦斯)区在劳伦斯的Quakerbridge Learning Center租场所开始聚会。经过一年半的聚集,该场所已经不敷使用,聚会随后移到Lawrence Middle School。2008年8月7日,汉米尔顿(劳伦斯)召会正式在政府注册成为汉米尔顿(劳伦斯)召会。目前,主日聚会各种语言总人数在150左右,另有50位左右的儿童。2010年6月,汉米尔顿召会购置了92 Youngs Road, Hamilton的一处工业厂房作会所。2012年4月,经过听证,得到教会会所使用权。从购置,听证过程,汉米尔顿召会见证并经历了神的恩典。会所改建工程也经历了祷告,身体的扶持,圣徒们的奉献,于2013年初有众召会一同扶持的破土动工的奉献祷告。接下来,圣徒们120天守望祷告,工程进展经历神大能的保守。2013年9月19日,正式得到使用执照,汉米尔顿召会开始了新的篇章。




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