2019 Church in Hamilton Children Summer Camp




夏令营通常在八月的第四个星期,从早上9:00开始唱诗歌,10:00点心,10:15-12:00分组上课,12:00-1:00午饭(其中有两天是孩子们自己动手作中餐),训练孩子们自己洗碗、清洁场地,下午排练背唱诗歌,点心,话剧表演,并由一群初高中生带领室内室外活动的每日活动,星期五晚上更有夏令营成果发表会。 本营对象为儿童年龄K到六年级。

我们最大的特点是使用七年级和以上的中学生、高中生来担当小队长和服事者,他们在五天期间,学习照顾并教导孩子们,以此扩大他们的心胸,激发他们爱护幼小,更培养爱心和耐心,学习与其他队辅配搭,增进人际相处的能力。 此活动并非只是暑期一个星期的儿童活动,其宗旨乃将在儿童园中所灌输的生活习惯和属灵操练,带进家庭生活中,并且家长也能借此操练与儿童有更多的互动,建立健康良好的神人生活习惯。



儿童亲身体验饭食服事,洗碗,饭后整洁,自作寿司,赶水饺皮,包水饺,T恤设计,排练短剧,制作道具,团体活动, 下午科学实验活动、操练申言分享课程信息等、周五晚上儿童诗歌短剧展览。

夏令营地址:Church in Hamilton, 92 Youngs Road, Hamilton, NJ 08620


2019 Church in Hamilton Children Summer Camp (Genuine-Exact-Strict)
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OUR GOAL: In addition to the truth-lessons our Summer camp provides daily character training. Through team work and mixed-age setting children learn to coordinate、communicate and accommodate to one another. Through the exercise of praying、calling on the name of the Lord and the conscience children learn to experience the Lord. Time:The 4th week of August, Monday 8/19-Friday 8/23

Parents involvement: Parents need to serve at least one camp day. Yet parents are welcome to serve full week. Children Age:K-6th graders 7th graders and higher graders could participate as Counselors or Teacher Assistants or Teachers ( Depends on the past experiences). We will give volunteer certificate at the end of the camp. We hope this camp will bring in a healthy spiritual practice into children’s daily life and further more enhance the mutual relationship between parents and children. Let’s enjoy the Lord together with our children together at homes, at school and everywhere we are.


2009-2018 Highlights from the past:

Children made their own lunch: Dumplings, Sushi and Sandwich making; Cleaning up after meals;Dish washing;Skits rehearsals; Props making; Singing; T-Shirt Design, Class presentation; group games or activities; End-of-Camp Performances on Friday nights. A good leadership training for young people who served as counselors and teachers.

Parents are most welcome to serve as teachers, helpers at your convenience. Please encourage your young ones to participate this summer camp. To register, please contact Brother Chang or Sister Maureen(Chiyun).




The Church in Hamilton, 92 Youngs Road, Hamilton Township, NJ 08619

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