Campus Gospel Work at Rider University


A group of young saints who were saved for about 2-3 years received the burden to pray for the campus work in Sep. 2010. They started praying for the campus work and coordination of oneness in the church in Lawrence. After that, when gospel meeting was held in Princeton for 3 weeks, 7 students from Rider University received the Lord. The Holy Spirit led the fire of the gospel to Rider campus. Since then on, there had been the gathering in the Lord’s name in Rider Campus.


At first, students were just having meals together on campus. For the sake of the new believers having a normal church life on campus, some older saints started to coordinate in twos and threes, and cooked meals every week in turns to bring to the students in Rider. Many gospel friends started to get attracted by this kind of gathering, thus received the Lord one by one in the end. In the sweet singing and sharing, many newly baptized students were nourished, and they became the start of the strong testimony on campus.


In 2011, in the perseverance of prayer and coordination in oneness, we had about 7 students saved. More and more young saints were gained by the Lord to be pure in heart for Him, and they gathered together to pursue the Word of God, and became vital companions in reading the Word. Just as Paul says in Phil 3:8: “I count all things as refuse on the account of the excellent knowledge of Jesus Christ…”, they come together to pursue the Word every day.


On Oct. 1, 2011, the Lord raised up a brother’s house near the campus. Three brothers moved into this house, willing to practice corporate living. The brothers were not only longing to know Christ, but were willing to be together to live a corporate normal Christian life, “Pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. (2Tim 2:22)”. During two years, up to 15 young brothers were shepherd and perfected through the brothers’ house for the Lord. They all are living and functioning in their local churches.

In 2012, the Lord continued to bless Rider University, and 8 were saved. In the meanwhile, a new sister’s house was started near the campus. Many newly saved brothers and sisters kept coordinate together in oneness, and took the burden for the gospel work on campus. They learnt to be perfected in coordination and were raised up one by one to be the nucleus on Rider campus.

In 2013, through the corporate living in the brother’s house and sister’s house on Rider campus, many students were attracted to live such a life, and live a regulated life with normal schedule and spiritual pursuit. Such a kind of living kept the newly saved ones in the church life, to be perfected to be the pillars of the church in His building. Throughout the years, we realize that the Lord’s move on Rider campus was full of His blessings. May the Lord raise more young ones on this campus, in this final stage, to be dispensational instruments in His ultimate move for His coming back.


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